Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Wannsee Conspiracy

Recently one of my favorite movies, Conspiracy, was on TV. Conspiracy is a well done reenactment of the Wannsee Conference which was the conference where the "Final Solution for the Jewish Question" was agreed upon. The plan agreed upon was the Wansee Protocol.

Wansee was held because the Nazis were not pleased with the results of their anti-Semitic policies so far. So the Nazis changed or disregarded many of the Nuremburg Laws. Jews would no longer be viewed as third class citizens but as slave labor meant to slowly die off. Most Germans with some Jewish blood "Mischlinges" lost their status and were classified as Jews. Finally, camps were to be established to kill as many "non-Aryans" as possible.

The horrific decisions made at Wannsee changed the demographic map of European Jewry from this to this. Death camps were set up with the sole purpose of killing as many people as quickly as possible. The camps were nightmares beyond description. Mentioned in Conspiracy is the hope that 22 million people could be executed in one year at maximum capacity.

One by one the camps made by the conspiracy were liberated. But for many it was too late. Some of the members of Wannsee paid for their crimes with their lives, others were briefly jailed and released.

It is important to remember these events to make sure they never happen again. We failed in Rwanda, Darfur, and else where. Let us not fail again.

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