Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sarkozy 2007!

Creoles, Arcadians, and Cajuns! Soon you may be able to once again embrace your French heritage with pride! Americans of all backgrounds may once again look to France as an ally. Soon it will be time for the Old Europe country of France to elect the pro-globalization, pro-American, anti-terrorist Nicolas Sarkozy as Président de la République française.

Market-liberalism combined with social conservatism is marching across the devloped world to victory after victory. The latest region to become a battle ground for the Neo-Right is Old Europe. Germany elected Angela Merkel as Chancellor over the center-left incumbent Gerhard Schroder. The next up for elections is France.

France; however, has a different history than Germany. The center-right has long held power with Rally for the Republic and its evolutionary descendent Union for a Popular Movement. These parties; however, are nationalist Gaullist and have mainly served as a political vehicle for the corrupt Jacques Chirac.

Chirac will not run in 2007 for reelection so the UMP is searching for a candidate and two people with different outlooks are in the forefront- Sarkozy and Dominique de Villepin. The differences between these people are like night and day. Villepin is an atheist, pro-Welfare State, anti-American as demonstrated when he was ambassador to the United Nations, and has favored appeasement to Islamists rioters both during the France 2005 riots and now during the cartoon riots. Sarkozy is Catholic, pro-market, pro-America, and vowed to crush the rioters in 2005.

The right in France will have a choice on whether to join in a Neo-Right globalization movement or continue down the path of self-serving Gaullism. The Socialist Party, the main opposition to the UMP, is in disarray due to various issues so the UMP has the biggest chance to pick the new president. The world awaits 2007.

For those who wish to know more I recommend:
"The Man Who Would Be le President," by Christopher Caldwell. The Weekly Standard, 02/27/06


Dan tdaxp said...

With the combined forces of Catholicgauze and tdaxp behind him, Sarkozy has it made (hopefully)!

Anonymous said...

It is great to see that you in America support what is really my country's only hope of returning to glories past, People's Deputy and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.
However, much as I hate to dampen your enthusiasm, the French Republic has a long way to go. Sarkozy is to be sure the best hope we have, but we need to be cautious. Segolène Royale, the Socialist opponent is beating him by a slight margin in the polls, which is not a good thing. Sarkozy is going to have to do an immense job if he wishes to completely overturn the stuck-up, lazy attitude of many of the people in France. You must understand that France's tradition of anti-Catholic positions originally had rested on good and noble intentions. At that time of the Revolution, the Church staunchly opposed Democracy, and many of the Clergy were corrupt. The so-called "enlightenment" managed to gain France as an anti-Church bastion post-Revolution. Those Clergymen (and there were plenty) who were true to what Catholicism stands for were ignored and in a wave of Revolutionary spirit, the corrupt fools who effectively allowed France to become a secular fortress, were the only ones that the people could see. After a tumultuous 200 years, we arrive at modern France: anti-Catholic, secular, now anti-Conservative, lazy, expecting the State to do everything for them (which Socialist politicians claim it can and should) whilst they do no work. France is completely paralyzed. The mentality of people is deluded. There is a French word always thrown about, "précarité", which means precariousness, and in the Socio-political context of France relates to precariousness of one's job, and translates into English in this context as "I am afraid I will longer be able to to be hired with a rubbish resumé, and be paid 50 000 dollars year for having half the year as a holiday, working 35 hours for 25 weeks a year, and doing bugger all when I AM at work, then excpect not to be fired". And guess what? That is exactly what happens. You almost cannot fire people in France, however useless they are (ever wondered why we have the highest unemployment in Europe?). When someone tries to reform this, 3 miilion people literally riot, and France cannot move. Sarkozy is one of few people brave enough to confront these lazy people who hide behind France's Revolutionnary past to justify their riots (to which the kid's get brought along and after which they stop off at the Café and smoke 3 packs of cigarettes and eat copiously in the warm spring air, whilst complaining about the misery in their lives). Now hopefully Sarkozy will rectify this, but it is an attitude that has been present in France for nigh on 70 years. Few people respect anything anymore: Religious values, the Old Republican Secular Values (which though I disagree with the Secular tradition, I think you can still admire the people who spread them and also find that most of their values on any matter but religion will be most sensible and priseworthy), or the Nation. Now they used to, but then, Church and State were opposed, meaning the two cancelled each other out.
Now imagine: Secular, Republican France, reconciled with Religious values it has 1700 years of tradition with, despite the unforunate rupture in 1789 coming from what were good intentions, and what it could do.
Problem is, how do you get it there.
Is Sarkozy he answer? I certainly hope so. But even he will have to do a lot to acheive anything.