Friday, February 17, 2006

Israel Coming

Earlier I predicted Likud would ride the Hamas election to the polls victorious over Kadima and Labor. However, after doing something rare called "research" I find myself mistaken.

I have stumbled upon Jerusalem Post's, the largest English newspaper in Israel, election coverage website. The election coverage provided by the Post is filled with political goodness. Info on parities, polls, candidates, issues, news articles, opinions, and more can be found. I personal like the bumper stickers.

For the big-three the Post predicts Kadima receiving about 40 seats, Labor 20, and Likud a shell of its former self at 11. Results like this will be the pro-disengagement lobby well over 60 votes by combining Kadima, Labor, and some of the minor parties.

An interesting shift in the political spectrum is taken by the Labor party. While they have shifted even more to the Left on social issues, they have adopted the policy of free markets with social safety nets. The support of free markets is even more surprising even one learns their leader, Amir Peretz, was once head of a labor union.

There is one flaw; however, there are no maps! I hope when the election is over there will be result and representation maps. But until then we will have to wait.

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