Saturday, February 11, 2006

Golden Age of Travel Posters

I love pieces of art which depict landscapes. If the painter or photographer has any skill they can capture an image which portrays the nature, culture, and very essence of the place. A well done landscape draws the person and creates a desire to visit the location.

Faithful Catholicgauze reader TDAXP has shown me a website that has landscapes done for travel posters from the "Golden Era" of the 1920s and 30s. The Los Angeles Public Library has the website exhibit, "Far and Wide.”

Just looking at these photos has caused the desire to see the world grow exponentially. To see places again or go to new areas is my new passion of the hour. If I save money I should be able to visit at least some of these places:

  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania- A great battlefield has had many restoration projects in the last few years. A hallowed place such as no other can be found in the United States.
  • Yucatan and Chiapas- Now that I know proper bargaining I will be able to come out on top with the vendors.
  • Coast to Coast England Walk- In my heart since junior year of high school and the whole reason I started my path to fitness.
  • Languedoc, Southern France- I plan on enjoying the beautiful scenery after taking a day to solve the mystery of Rennes-le-Château.
  • Vatican City- My nickname is "Catholicgauze," enough said.
  • Australia- The Midwest of the Southern Hemisphere. Me and thee 'oys have a good shinny now!
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