Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Coping with Stress

Work related stress can bring down any man or woman. The stress of being a national leader is an even greater demon which can mentally destroy people. Fortunately, some leaders have found ways to have fun while still running a country.

Ferenc Gyurcsany: Gyurcsany is the Prime Minister of Hungary. He is currently under stress because the left-wing collation government of Hungary is on shaky ground due to corruption of some members and poor governance. Being a former member of the Communist Party does not help anyway in Hungary either. Gyurcsany’s cure for stress is to act like his hero, Hugh Grant. A video of him dancing like Grant has been a recent hit on the internet.

Tarja Halonen: Halonen is the popular President of Finland. Recently she had to run a country while campaigning for reelection. She led in the polls but the election could have tipped either way. Her solution to this stressful situation was to laugh with Conan O’Brien as he pointed out the physical similarities between them. O’Brien went so far as to create political ads for Halonen. She also authorized several members of parliament to create a rap video for her campaign.

Kim Jong-il: Jong-il is the current Chairman of North Korea while his deceased father is the eternal president. It is believed his father was raised around Pyongyang, which was once the center of Christianity in Korea. It appears that the worship of Jesus was warped into a personality cult for Il-sung and Jong-il. Being a dicator is hard work and very stressful; especially when your country his cut off from the rest of the world. To relieve stress Jong-il plays golf and creates devasting storms.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad is President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its not easy being the sub-leader of a country surrounded by US and Allied forces while he is busy trying to make nuclear weapons. But somehow Ahmadinejad always manages to have a smile on his face. Seriously, it is a rare, valuable photograph it does not have Ahmadinejad smiling. “What is his secret,” you ask. Well, Ahmadinejad relieves stress by reminding himself that every action he does is to bring about the second coming of some long dead descendent of Muhammad which in turn will usher in the apocalypse. Wait… that is not good at all

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Work related stress can bring down any man or woman

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