Monday, January 16, 2006

Oxford's 2005 Year in Review

Ben Keene over at Oxford Press gives a geographical year in review. Some of the highlights include:

"Elsewhere on the continent, further name changes were made in three South African provinces, continuing the process of replacing the old colonial name forms with Africanized names that began several years ago. Most notably, the capital city Pretoria became Tshwane, meaning “we are the same” in 2005."


"Myanmar, a country located between India, China, and Thailand also made the news when its secretive and often paranoid government decided to move the entire capital city along with its official inhabitants from Rangoon, or Yangon, to isolated Pyinmana in the Mandalay division."

I, a geographer, did not know of these two changes. Makes me wonder what else I have missed. Read on and enjoy!

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Dan tdaxp said...

So now we know what's beyond Rangoon. Pyinmana. Huh.