Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Maps of an Israel to Come

Ever since high school I have been a fan of the Jerusalem Post (JPOST). While one can make the easy argument that its editorial staff is clearly on the Right of politics its news story have been neutral and the paper has taken a strong stance against Sharon/Likud corruption.

One of the things that make me especially like JPOST is its appreciation of geography. Maybe the editors know Israel's situation is perilous and thus know the importance of geography. But for what ever reason JPOST knows maps. They even have a map section on their website.

The two maps that interest me the most are the maps (here and here) showing the security fence which Israel is putting up in the West Bank. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began to set up the fence to keep homicide bombers out of Israel proper and unite West Bank settlements with the state.

Israeli politics have been thrown a curve ball of biblical proportions with the sudden stroke of Ariel Sharon. No one yet knows what will happen to his pro-disengagement Kadima party. Whether the party can survive without Sharon is a real question. Others wonder if the anti-disengagement Likud members can hold on to their party if the Kadima defectors return. What is certain; however, is that Israel is setting up for a withdrawal from the West Bank no matter which party holds power. The only question will be "how soon?"

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Dan tdaxp said...

I really like the proposed Wall route