Saturday, January 14, 2006

Being the UN means not having to make Geographical sense (or Catholicgauze Gets Angry!)

US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton recently criticized the United Nations for its showing a map of Israel labeled Palestine; never mind that Israel is a member of the United Nations.

Now I believe in the right of all people to have their own homeland under their own control in one form or another but this is getting ridiculous. The way the United Nations treats Israel like this or the fact that Israel is the only member that cannot be a member of the Security Council is just wrong. The only thing that is stopping me from exploding in rage is the fact that the map is really neat and detailed and I wish I had a copy.

If the UN really cared for its history or had any decency it would have shown a map of their proposal for both an Israel and Palestine- back from 1947. A plus from this would be the fact it would throw a bone to both sides but I guess the hatred towards Israel (and Jews?) is too deep routed in the UN to do that.

If the UN really cared about Palestinians maybe they would make sure Arab countries granted civil rights to refugees presently in nightmarish camps run by the UN. Currently only Jordan allows civil rights and all job opportunities to refugees. The other Arab countries like to keep Palestinians in camps to "preserve their identity."

Why does the United Nations not care for other groups? 3.8 million people have been killed and even more displaced by the Congo Wars but the only UN action seems to be establish a rape industry. The UN let Hutus kill Tutsis without batting an eye. The Roma in Eastern Europe still face oppression but nothing is done for them to insure their civil rights. There are other groups that need the international community help but the UN seems to ignore their cries.

On second thought maybe it is good the UN does not care for others. After all, their answer to the oppression of Shia and Kurds in Iraq was to allow Saddam to starve the people while getting rich off the Oil-for-Food program.

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Dan tdaxp said...

Interesting map of the Arab League in the middle frame of the right panel.


The only thing that is stopping me from exploding in rage is the fact that the map is really neat and detailed and I wish I had a copy.

ElBaredai: We won't condemn Iran's nuclear reactors. Iran has promised to unleash armegeddon... but the caligraphy on the panels is incredible! It's really neat!


Dan tdaxp said...

PS: about 50% of the Democratic Underground comments support your position. Is this the end of the world?

Anonymous said...

well please don't explode. The state of Israel keeps on eating up land continuously till the present day,so what kind of borders should be represented? Moreover,if the Arab states incorporate and eventually swallow the Palestinian refugees, that is so convenient to the Israel procedure of consistent and lengthy ethnic cleansing by removal of the undesired from the disputed land.